Liquid Hydrogen Drone

HyDaaS offers the world's first ever liquid hydrogen drone for its drone services. 

The HyliumX Drone uses the most technologically advanced liquid hydrogen fuel cell technology

to provide superiority in terms of payload, flying time, and charging time.

Liquid Hydrogen Drone Service

HyDaaS provides a liquid hydrogen drone services that can be utilized in a variety of different applications. The drone service is a perfect solution for those who need a drone but are not ready to purchase one of their own.

HyDaaS will provide its Drone Services for you whenever you need!

OCI 40 Mwatt Solar Power Plant

(San Antonio, TX)

Liquid Hydrogen Drone

Drone Refueling Mobility

Application Examples





Mobile Liquid Hydrogen Refueling Service

HyDaaS provides an on-demand mobile liquid hydrogen refueling service supported by Hylium Industries' mHRS

The mobile liquid hydrogen refueling service supports the growing hydrogen infrastructure and provides refueling for anyone anywhere.

Coming to the US soon!

Liquid Hydrogen Boat Engineering Service

HydaaS provides engineering services for liquid hydrogen powered ships. 

Contact for more information. 

HyDaaS is partners with Hyundai Motor Company and uses the Hyundai Fuel Cell Management system to deliver its boat engineering services.