Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone

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HyliumX is a new generation fuel cell drone powered by sustainable liquid hydrogen fuel. With a power pack that combines ultra light liquid hydrogen fuel tank and PEM fuel cell the HyliumX can fly up to 10 hours.

10hrs of flight time

10min refueling

Image transmission within 10km

Diverse range of applications

Liquid Hydrogen Drone

Eco-friendly technology of the future

01 Superior Storage Capacity

By using liquid hydrogen we have been able to increase fuel storage capacity to 10L.

02 Exceptional Flight Time

Liquid hydrogen fuel provides flight time of up to 10 hours. This is 10 times longer than the flight time of a battery-powered drone. 

03 Extended Flight Distance

Increased fuel storage capacity allows for an extended flight distance of over 10km.

Mobile Ground Control Station

be in control wherever you are

The Mobile Ground Control Station provides the facilities for remote controlling and refueling of the drone. 

Flight route setting

On-site refueling

Remote controlling

The mGCS is equipped with a drone controlling system where you can predetermine the drone's flight trajectory and examine the drone operations remotely.

The mGCS has a built-in hydrogen refueling system that allows for swift drone refueling aboard the vehicle.

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